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Bazi literally translate into English as "Eight Characters." Bazi is an ancient Chinese Metaphysical science that engages in the study of Destiny Analysis. It basically analyzes a person's life path (Destiny), based on his or her Destiny (Bazi) Chart. Bazi falls under one of the Chinese Five Arts (Wu Shu), i.e., Destiny (Ming). Bazi is often described as the 'diagnosis' of one's Destiny and potential, and Feng Shui is the cure.

There are two systems of Chinese Astrology widely practiced today: 1) Bazi, and 2) Purple Star. Both are equally versatile and capable of allowing us to derive accurate conclusions although Bazi is relatively easier to study and master, compared to its Purple Star counterpart.

Bazi recognizes that certain Qi represented by the
Five Elements are present during the year, month, day, and hour of your birth. These Qi interacts with the influence whatever life has in store for you - your career, wealth, relationship, and health prospects. By being able to identify and plot these Qi in black and white accordingly, we would be able to derive a physical layout of our life's virtual map. To do this, you must first understand the interaction between these Qi. In other words, Bazi is a study of your destiny - a tool that allows you to analyze and learn what destiny has in store for you.

The science of Bazi revolves around the
Five Elements theory. A Bazi chart is basically plotted by assigning the time-related details of our birth in the forms of the Five Elements. Likewise, our destiny and the people, events and situation in our lives are analyzed by first interpreting the arrangement and formation of these Elements in our Bazi Charts. Each Element has Yin and Yang variation, which changes according to time.

By plotting, analyzing, and decoding our Bazi Charts, we are able to know what awaits us in life. This allows us to capitalize on our strengths and the opportunities that arise, as well as improve on our weaknesses and strategize on how challenges can be overcome. With Bazi, we can:

- make informed decisions
- maximize our potential in life
- strengthen our relationships with others
- understand other people better
- choose the right career path
- apply classical Feng Shui correctly

In this section of my website, you will learn the basic fundamentals and key concepts to gain knowledge on how to decode or understand your Bazi Chart.

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