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Home A clash in a Bazi chart involves an opposing relationship between the Branches, based on the elemental attributes. A clash brings about challenges and obstacles in one's life. Depending on the type of clash, a person can experience difficulties in relationships or even lose someone or something. Certain clashes, if present in a Bazi chart, can mean physical harm, e.g., accidents or illness. The severity of a clash is determined by several factors:

The Palace - a clash in one of the Palace indicate the severity of a clash.  For instance, a clash that affects the Year Branch, manifests differently from a clash that impacts the Month, Day, and Hour Branches. Note that the Earthly Branches that have a clash relationship with each other, they must be next to each other in the Bazi chart. If the Branches skip a pillar, it is not considered a clash.

For instance, in the chart below there is a clash between the Rat and the Horse. However, as the clash is separated, the impact is not severe and is usually tolerable.

Should these clashes be right next to each other, they would be referred to as the Internal Clash.  Finally, whenever the Rat or the Horse appears in the Luck Pillars, an External Clash will be present.

Hour Day Month Year

Yang Fire

Yin Fire

Yin Wood

Yang Metal


Yang Fire


Yin Fire


Yin Metal


Yang Water

Internal Clash- usually involve change or events forced by circumstances that are already prevailing.

External Clash - occurs only during certain points in time in the person's life. These types of clashes are usually drastic or shocking change, that affects the person's health, relationships, wealth, or endeavors. External Clashes, however, are easier to deal with because you can see them coming and you can be proactive and avoid or prevent them from happening. Look at the following table:

                                                 Six Clashes

Rat 1 Horse
Ox 1 Goat
Tiger 1 Monkey
Rabbit 1 Rooster
Dragon 1 Dog
Snake 1 Pig

The information you see here only allows you to identify the clashes. In order to decode or understand what is going on in a Bazi chart, you must have a good understanding of the Five Elements and their interactions. It is very important to first determine which of the Five Factors (Influence, Wealth, Resource, Output, and Companion) are being affected and which Hidden Stem is involved, when trying to determine how severe a clash is.


A clash between the Rat and the Horse is a clash between Water and Fire. Based on the Five Elements theory, Water controls Fire by extinguishing it--it is obvious that the Horse loses to the Rat.


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