Peach Blossom Star
Enhancing your love/relationships luck
The term "Peach Blossom, or "Tao Hua" is derived from Chinese symbolism and poetry, which is associated with love and romance. In Feng Shui practice, there are three known methods you can use to activate your Tao Hua: 1) Tapping into your Yan Nian using your own or the house Gua; 2) Activating the #4 in Flying Star; and 3) having a Peach Blossom Star in your BaZi chart.
Method 1: Tapping Into Your Yan Nian
This method is perhaps the easiest technique you can use to enhance your love/relationships luck. Yan Nian is one of the eight directions (BaZhai) where Yin and Yang Qi are perfectly balanced, thus, creating ideal energies for developing healthy and positive relationship with people around us. To identify which sector of your house your Yan Nian is located, you need to first know you personal Life Gua based on your date of birth.  With your Gua number in hand, you can now identify which group you belong to: East or West Group. With this information, you can now locate your Yan Nian direction with the use of a compass or Luo Pan.  To tap into your Yan Nian, you can either position your desk so that you are facing your Yan Nian direction when sitting at your desk. You can also position your bed so that your head is pointed towards this direction when sleeping.  Below is the Yan Nian direction for all eight Guas:
Gua Number Element Yan Nian
1 Water South
2 Earth Northwest
3 Wood South
4 Wood East
6 Metal Southwest
7 Metal Northeast
8 Earth West
9 Fire North
If using your Yan Nian based on your personal Gua is not possible, you can tap into the Yan Nian using the House Gua method in Eight Mansions system. To use the House Gua method, you must first ascertain the facing and sitting direction of your house. Once you have this information, check against the table below to see which one of the eight types of houses corresponds with yours. Tap into the Yan Nian location of your home by spending time in the area, by locating your study or your bedroom in that sector of your  home. Below is the Yan Nian location for the eight types of houses:
Facing Sitting Group Yan Nian
South North East Group South
Northwest Southeast East Group East
West East East Group Southeast
North South East Group North
Northeast Southwest West Group Northwest
East West West Group Northeast
Southeast Northwest West Group Southwest
West East West Group West
Method 2: Tapping into the # 4
Another method you can use to enhance your love/relationships luck is to tap into the #4 in Flying Star system. You can either use your house chart or the annual star chart. If you prefer to use your house chart to find the #4, you will need to ascertain the facing/sitting direction of the house and the move-in date to determine what period the house belongs to. If using the house chart seem too complicated, I suggest you tap into the #4 using the annual star. In 2008, the #4 is located in the Northeast. Tap into this location by spending as much time as possible in this area or facing this direction when seated at your desk.
Method 3: Tao Hua in your BaZi chart
Finally, your BaZi chart. In the study of BaZi, there is also a Peach Blossom star. Do you ever wonder why some people, regardless of how unattractive they look, they seem to attract the opposite sex, while others who are attractive but can't seem to find anyone? Well, chances are that these people have a "Tao Hua" present in their BaZi chart. What are the Peach Blossom stars? You are said to have a Peach Blossom star if any of the Peach Blossoms in the table below are present in your chart. For example, if you are a Rat, Monkey, or a Dragon, and you have the Rooster in your chart, you are said to have the Peach Blossom star.
Day Master (Bazi Chart) Peach Blossom Direction
Tiger, Horse, Dog Rabbit West (262.5 - 277.5 degrees)
Snake, Rooster, Ox Horse South (172.5 - 187.5 degrees)
Monkey, Rat, Dragon Rooster East (82.5 - 97.5 degrees)
Pig, Rabbit, Goat Rat North (351.5 - 7.5 degrees)
A person with a Peach Blossom star in their personal BaZi chart tends to easily attract attention from the opposite sex and people in general. We're talking "sex appeal" here. Some have it and others do not. Now, what if you don't have Peach Blossom in your personal BaZi chart, what do you do? The only thing you can do is either apply the previous two methods mentioned above or wait until a Tao Hua appeared in your Luck Pillars. When a Tao Hua appears in your Luck Pillars, it is said that you will be going through a Peach Blossom luck.

Another thing you can do is to place your Tao Hua in their corresponding compass direction to activate Peach Blossom luck. I'm not a big fan of this because it uses what I call "symbolism," but a lot of Feng Shui masters swear to it. Refer to the table above if you would like to apply this method.